How to combat loneliness as an introvert

how to combat loneliness as an introvert

Do you ever struggle with loneliness as an introvert? I know I do. 

Being an introvert, I love my alone time. I need is just as much as the air I breathe. But no introvert is self-sufficient, and we all need social interactions! And so, even introverts get lonely.

Now, socialising as an introvert can be tricky, whether you get overwhelmed by your extroverted friendsfeel awkward in social situations, are struggling to overcome shyness or simply don’t know how to make new friends as an introverted adult.

If you’ve moved at some point in your life, you know how hard it can be to meet new people. It gets worse when you’re working from home as an introvert and don’t even have co-workers. On top of that, introverts often crave deep connections. Small talk with your neighbours just doesn’t do the trick!

So, how can you combat loneliness as an introvert if you don’t have a close social circle?

Not all social interactions help combat loneliness as an introvert

While trying to make new friends after my move two years ago, I’ve realised that not all social interactions help combat loneliness as an introvert. 

As this post on Introvert, Dear states, loneliness is not simply a cry for more people.

When there is no connection on a personal level, I end up feeling even more lonely. Even if I’m in a social setting. In an ‘alone in a crowd’ kind of way.

So, the first step is to acknowledge that introverts often crave deep, meaningful conversations instead of superficial chats. 

How does it help, you ask? Well, at least you know that going to parties or large social gatherings might not fix your loneliness. Instead, you should look for small groups or one-on-one conversations where you can exchange with like-minded people.

Schedule regular calls with your friends and family

Talking on the phone is nowhere near as good as seeing people in person. But, at least to me, it’s better than engaging in meaningless communication with people I don’t relate to.

If you feel like you lack meaningful social interactions as an introvert, try calling people you love. It’s not a perfect solution, but it will help you connect with others on a deeper level. 

Calling friends and family is a far better way to deal with loneliness as an introvert than simply texting them! I promise that after hanging up the phone, you will feel at least a little bit better.

Plan a visit to your home town (or invite friends to come to see you)

In the end, introverts need face-to-face interactions just like everyone else. So, if you fail to find connections where you live, plan a visit to your home town!

I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but my social schedule is always super packed when I’m at my parent’s place. Between seeing them, my brothers, my grandparents and the friends that stayed in my home town, I almost always end up craving some alone time! And that’s a good thing because it means that I’m not lonely. 

You can always invite people over, too. I personally like this solution a little bit less because I always feel the pressure to entertain (the struggles of being an introvert). But it definitely helps with loneliness just as well!

Seek one-on-one conversations in any way, shape or form

Whenever I look up loneliness tips for introverts, people always suggest engaging in one-on-one conversations. Like it’s that easy.

What if you have no one around who you can talk to? What if you tried joining clubs, but didn’t make any new friends?

That’s why I suggest seeking out these one-on-one conversations, no matter in what form. You could take private language or instrument classes, for example. Start tutoring. Offer to help someone with something. Go on a Tinder date if that’s something you like doing.

It really doesn’t matter how or why you’re interacting! Just talking to one person should help combat loneliness as an introvert.

Take yourself out on a date

Sometimes, we are lonely because we feel like we need other people to do exciting things. Like going out to eat, seeing an exhibit, or even leaving the house. I’m so guilty of staying home because I feel awkward doing these things by myself!

So, try taking yourself out on a date. Go grab dinner at your favourite restaurant. See the movie that no one else in your entourage seems to be interested in. Or even go to the park or a café with a good book. Just spend time in ways that you truly enjoy!

This might not cure loneliness, even for an introvert. But it should definitely keep you from going crazy when you have no one else to go out with.

Catch up with people you used to be close to

For introverts, meeting new people can be tiresome. And it often takes a while before an interaction reaches a level that satisfies our need for connection – if it ever does.

A good way to get around that problem is to catch up with old friends. Maybe you lost touch after school or university, or maybe one of you moved away for some time. But if you were close once, chances are that you’ll still get along! And it won’t be weird to talk about personal topics, because you knew each other so well before.

Actually, this is how I got together my fiancé almost 9 years ago. I had just moved to Paris, and I saw on Facebook that he (a guy I casually knew but hadn’t talked to in years) also recently moved there. So, I messaged him, we met up, and the rest is history.

Just give it a try! You never know what could happen.

What are your favourite ways to combat loneliness as an introvert? It is something you struggle with? Please let me know in the comments! And be so kind as to share this post on social media if you liked it. 🙂

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