How to face challenges and reach your goals

With the new year approaching, a lot of us start to set intentions for the time to come. We want to finally reach our goals, make our dreams come true. But as you know, nothing in life comes easy. In order to reach the success we so strongly long for, we need to jump over hurdles, face challenges, and grow. So, here’s a question I want to answer before this year ends: how can we face the challenges life throws our way without being afraid of them?

You don’t need to avoid difficult situations

When life throws you lemons, your initial reaction might be to run and never touch a citrus fruit again. (In case this metaphor didn’t speak to you: we tend to avoid difficult situations.)

Let me give you an example. When I started my business at the beginning of last year, I never expected it to go as well as it actually did. But with success come complications, and I soon noticed that by growing my business, I was increasing the complexity of my accounting.

For half of 2019, I set myself this revenue limit that I wasn’t allowed to cross in order to maintain the simple accounting method I was used to. Until I realised that by avoiding the challenges that came with a superior revenue, I was actually preventing my business from growing.

Now, you might not have a business in France, so you probably won’t be in the exact same situation. But think about it: is there something in your life you wish you could achieve, but don’t try because you’re afraid of the challenge?

By facing the challenges that come with growth, you allow yourself to get out of your comfort zone and move forward. 

There’s no such thing as failure

I’ve talked about the importance of failing and getting back up before. And today, I want to take it one step further. 

Think about that: if you imagine a successful person who went wrong a couple of times before getting it right, would you think of them as a failure? I don’t think so. Of course, we all make mistakes. But as long as we face the challenges and try again, they’re not failures. More like hurdles along the way.

But what about the people who never make it, you might say. They do exist, after all. Well, in my opinion, those are the people who gave up on their dream before they were able to reach it. 

It’s just like we’re all on this difficult hike to the top of the mountain. Everyone is taking their own way. Some might encounter more loose stones than others, and we’ll all trip and fall down at some point. But the important thing is to continue pushing forward until you’re at the very top. Instead of giving up half-way.

So, don’t be afraid of failure. In order to reach your goals, you need to try and face the challenges you encounter on the way.

You are good enough

Another reason why we often don’t pursue our dreams (or are afraid to even try) is that we don’t think that we’re good enough.

Why would you start your business when you know that you’re bad at marketing? How can you learn how to dance if you have no skills whatsoever? Why even bother going to social events when you’re just going to be awkward anyway?

The truth is, we are not born being good at something. You couldn’t even walk, or talk when you were born. And I’m pretty sure that by now, you’re able to run and tell stories!

When we’re open to learning, we can get good at anything. Just accept that you learn in your own way, at your own pace and should never compare your progress to that of other people.

For instance, I always wanted to become more flexible but thought that my body just wasn’t cut out for it. Through all my yoga classes, I felt like a hippo trying to do stretches. But once I took all the pressure off myself and started to do yoga at home, everything changed. After a couple of months of at-home training, I could finally reach the floor while standing!

No matter how small the success, it just goes to show that we can achieve anything as long as we work on ourselves and face the challenges we encounter. In a kind, loving manner of course.

The right time will never come

How often have you waited for the right time to make changes in your life? The new year, when you’ll have more time, once it’s summer… 

The truth is, the right time will never come. But waiting for it will prevent you from living your best life, now.

I’ve recently watched a TED talk about all the stuff we never use because we keep waiting for the right occasion.

And this is something that rings so true with me. How many times have you waited to wear your new dress, or shoes, until finally realising that they didn’t fit anymore? How many bottles of wine have gone to waste because you’ve waited for the right occasion to open them?

Last Christmas, my boyfriend finally bought himself one of those giant ham legs from Spain, for around a hundred euros. He loves ham, and it’s something he’s been wanting to have for a couple of years now. He was so excited once it came. He looked at it, took a picture and put it away, to open it at the right occasion. One year later, the ham ended up in our trash bin. Unopened, uneaten. The right occasion never came, and in the meantime, the ham went bad.

Please don’t let your opportunities go to waste as the ham did. The right time will never come and now is as good as it’s going to get. Just face the challenges you’re encountering and move forward!

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  1. The same happened to me with yoga. I also thought that I’m just not flexible, and after a while, I managed to reach the floor while standing. It was a huge win haha
    I love what you said about waiting for the right time. It’s always now 🙂

    1. I’m glad that I’m not the only one, haha! As son as we stop comparing ourselves to others and simply focus on our own achievements, we notice that we can actually improve pretty quickly!

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