6 quick and easy ways to find inspiration

how to find inspiration

Do you ever struggle to find inspiration?

When you’re feeling inspired, it’s quite easy to generate new ideas and get creative. There is so much you want to do and you can’t wait to get started.

But none of us are inspired all the time.

Sometimes, you get caught up in a never-ending to-do list that leaves no space for creative thoughts. Exhausted after a long day of work, you spend your evenings relaxing in front of a Netflix show.

Or, you get stuck because of the pressure you put on yourself to be creative. You’re trying so hard to come up with new ideas but end up feeling like the least original person in the world. 

Whether you’re living on autopilot or are stuck in a creative rut, it’s important to find external sources of inspiration to get your creativity flowing again.

You can find inspiration in truly everything. But today, I’ll share my 6 favourite ways to get inspired when you’re in a rut.

Watch a TED talk and learn something new

The good thing about TED talks is that they are only about 20 minutes long. And unlike online courses or other lectures (which I still love!), they tend to be quite entertaining.

TED talks always give you something to think about. Whether you agree with the person giving it or not: at least it will be fuel for thought. And that is a great first step for finding inspiration!

Quite a few of my blog posts were actually inspired by TED talks. It’s my go-to source for new inspiration, and it never fails.

And even if it doesn’t end up working for you: at least you will have learnt something new!

Do something that is out of your comfort zone

A great way to find inspiration is to do something that you don’t usually do. The new experience should help you gain a new perspective and subsequentially fuel your creativity. 

You can truly choose any activity you like. Meet up with a new group of people. Participate in a local event that you would normally ignore. Or even just watch a movie that you wouldn’t normally watch. 

If you can’t find inspiration in your everyday life, then getting out of your comfort zone should do the trick!

Try journaling (in a very casual way)

Whenever I see this tip in a blog post, YouTube video or anywhere else, I tend to skip over it. Journaling is not really my thing – or so I always thought.

The thing is, I’m not good at keeping up with a journal every day. I would never spend hours creating my own bullet journal, for example. Not because I don’t like the idea, but because it simply doesn’t align with my lifestyle and the way my brain works.

The biggest reason why I don’t usually journal is that I’m unable to write nearly as fast as I think. Thus, I always feel like writing is considerably slowing down my thought process. Basically, I need to think stuff through first, and then write it down in a summarised manner.

But there is one exception to that. Whenever I’m seriously lacking inspiration and feel like I have no creativity left, journaling can be a true life-saver. I don’t feel like I have anything to write – so instead of slowing me down, it helps me get to the bottom of the problem.

Here’s what I suggest doing: Take any piece of paper and a pen and write down anything that goes through your mind. If nothing comes up, just write about that! It doesn’t matter what you write, nor if it’s legible. All you want is to achieve is a brain dump to unveil thoughts that are hidden in the back of your mind.

Not only does this type of journaling help me find inspiration, but it also makes me feel so much better! Just give it a go and see if it works for you. 🙂

Talk to a friend to find inspiration

Sometimes, inspiration is nothing more than looking at the same problem from a different point of view. And who is better suited to help with that than a friend? 

My best friend lives in Germany and leads a lifestyle that is completely different than mine. And because we’re in such different places, she tends to approach topics from a completely new angle.

Talking to a friend can be a great way to find new inspiration, even if you’re not trying to solve a problem. Just ask them what they’ve been up to, what they’re currently interested in, etc. This new input should get you out of your little bubble and thus fuel your creativity.

But if you do end up asking for your friend’s opinion, be sure to keep an open mind!

Clean your house, or your closet

I always find that cleaning is a great thing to do when you’re completely uninspired. It’s productive but doesn’t require creativity. 

Cleaning is a physical activity that gives your brain the space to think about something else without feeling guilty. Thus, it might be a better option than sitting around and waiting for inspiration

In addition, a clean, uncluttered space is sometimes all it takes to find inspiration! Clutter can weigh you down, so removing it can give rise to newfound creativity.

Go outside and don’t take your phone with you

I’ve mentioned this before in my posts, but a change in scenery can truly do wonders when you’re in a rut.

Going outside for a walk, whether in nature or just around the block, helps clear your head and make space for creativity. I suggest leaving your phone at home to avoid just checking Instagram. But you can also use it to listen to music if you prefer.

The idea is to physically get out of your rut and create space for new inspiration. And if it doesn’t come, just enjoy getting some fresh air!

In the end, inspiration tends to come and go, and there is no need to force it at all cost. If you’re not able to get inspired no matter what you do, just accept that and focus on something else instead. The less pressure you put on yourself, the faster your creative energy will come back!

6 quick and easy ways to find inspiration

What are your favourite ways to find inspiration when you’re in a rut? Please let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to share this post if you liked it. 🙂

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